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    Age Groups

Whether you are looking for classes for yourself, a son or daughter, or something for the whole family, Han Mi Martial Arts has a program for you!  

Our programs for kids under 5, children 6-12, and for adults & teens have convenient times throughout the day, and all programs include unlimited classes.  That means you could come every day – and plan your class attendance around your schedule, not ours!

Two smiling 4-year old girls in Taekwondo uniforms

3½ – 5 Year Olds

In our Little Dragons program, your child will learn Taekwondo, the world’s most popular martial art.  This special program is specifically tailored to the needs and learning style of very young children, so your child can learn real kicks, blocks, and even sparring – all while developing strength, agility, focus, and confidence!

Two boys doing Taekwondo sparring

6-12 Year Olds

At Han Mi Martial Arts, your child will learn the authentic Korean art of Taekwondo, famous for its powerful kicks and challenging sparring style, as well as for being a fun and competitive international sport.  Your child will learn how to handle a bully and develop confidence and discipline.

Two men grappling in Hapkido

Adults & Teens

Whether you’re looking to get or stay fit, learn self-defense, learn a sport, relax, or just stay active and mentally sharp, we have something for you!  Our Hapkido, Kendo, Tai Chi and adult Taekwondo classes are all specifically geared to adults and teens.

Sisters together in Taekwondo gear


Looking for a fun way to bond with your child?  Hoping for an activity all your kids can do together?  Want a way to stay fit and active with your spouse?  Han Mi Martial Arts is the place for you!  We offer convenient class times for both children and adults of all ages, in multiple programs, and a steep family discount.

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