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Looking for a fun way to bond with your child?  Hoping for an activity all your kids can do together?  Want a way to stay fit and active with your spouse?  Han Mi Martial Arts is the place for you!

At Han Mi Martial Arts, you’ll experience our dedication to working with your family.  We offer convenient class times for both children and adults of all ages, in multiple programs, and a steep family discount.  For parents, you can take classes together with your child, take classes separately with other adults – or both!  Since our schedule allows so many class opportunities throughout day, it is very easy to find something that fits your needs, interests and schedule.

Why study martial arts as a family?

Studies have shown that families who engage in recreational activities together have:

  • stronger emotional bonds
  • better communication
  • improved academic performance
  • fewer behavioral issues as teens

Plus, when families study martial arts together, they tend to be more dedicated and stick with it for longer – giving you and your family even more of the great fitness and personal benefits of martial arts.

Studying martial arts at Han Mi Martial Arts is a great way for you to help your family to be closer, happier and healthier!

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