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At Han Mi Martial Arts, you’ll have the choice between four distinct martial arts styles to study.  Each one has its own areas of focus, but all are taught in an authentic way as sanctioned by the international communities that do them.  Instead of getting a mash-up of different styles, you can learn the entire perspective that each style has to offer, the way it was intended.


Learn to kick and punch with the best at Han Mi Martial Arts!  The world’s most popular martial art, Taekwondo is famous for its powerful and athletic kicks, as well as for being a fun and competitive Olympic sport.  Taekwondo is suitable for students age 3 to adult, and great for the whole family.


Looking to learn real self-defense, instead of sport fighting?  You’ve been looking for our Hapkido program.  You’ll learn grappling, wrestling and striking studying the original Korean mixed martial art. If you want to learn how to deal with a real aggressor instead of scoring points, then look no further.  Our Hapkido program is geared towards men and women age 12 t0 adult.


Interested in swords, or looking to improve your attentiveness and subtlety?  Our kendo program is for you!  Kendo is the traditional Japanese art of the sword, dating back to the days of the samurai.  Kendo will develop your mental focus and precision in unique ways, improving your ability to engage with any opponent in any situation.  Kendo is suitable for both adults and attentive children.

Tai Chi Chuan

Looking for relaxation, improved flexibility, and inner focus?  Our Tai Chi program is for you!  Tai Chi will teach you slow fluid movements that emphasize balance, control, and attention to breath – with and without movement.  It will improve your strength and flexibility, while also being gentle on the joints.  Tai Chi is suitable for adults of all ages – if you can walk, you can do Tai Chi.

Competition Team

If you or your child are interested in pushing yourself above and beyond, in competing and winning, our demo and competition team is for you!  Team members compete in Taekwondo tournaments around the region. 

Summer Camp

We have two awesome one-week summer camps this year, Ninja Camp and Dragon Camp!  You do not have to be a Han Mi student to sign up for one of our camps.

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