Your Child Can Become a Leader


Teach your child more than self-confidence; teach them the skills to stay safe, control themselves, and help others through hard work and dedication.

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Taekwondo, "the way of hands and feet", teaches children the:

  • confidence

  • discipline

  • fitness

  • focus

  • leadership

that they need to succeed at school and in life!


Our program also teaches kids the physical skills to handle bullies. We don't encourage violence or confrontation, but do prepare kids to overcome it, if it happens to them.

In addition to fitness & confidence, our goal is develop your child's character to ensure success in all aspects of life. There are six chapters in our character development program: responsibility, health, respect, citizenship, manners, and caring. We spend 2 months on each chapter and how your child can make it part of their everyday lives!



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